Choosing your wedding stationery design


Goodness! Where do we begin. There are so many incredible wedding stationery providers that provide many wonderful and unique products.

The invitation is an expression of you and your partner and will also reflect the style of wedding you are having: traditional, country chic, vintage, modern, alpine, beach... the theming options are endless!


Start with a little inspiration

In this digital ‘visual’ age,  curating your ‘wedding moodboard’ has never been easier:  

  • Social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. Search via hashtags or keywords.
  • Wedding blog sites: Style Me Pretty, Hello May, One Fine Day, The Lane, Polka Dot Bride, Nouba Weddings, White and many others all provide incredible real weddings with listing for suppliers used by the couple profiled.
  • Wedding venues: what cues can you take from your wedding ceremony and/or reception venues? Leafy greens, rustic timbers, art deco styling.
  • Bridal magazines: whilst the hardcopy is wonderful to flick through, most, if not all, are available online for you to peruse through.
  • Wedding Fairs: definitely attend in person - fabulous vibe to get swept up in! But also check the wedding fair website for suppliers and pics post the fair.

    Inspiration to ordering

    From pinning, liking, sharing, posting and snapping… you will curate a defined wedding style.

    Bespoke designs

    If you’re after a custom designed wedding invitation, when liaising with your wedding stationery provider, provide them with a screenshot of your moodboard or provide examples and explain what you like about the image, such as: particular colours, patterns, decorations, themes, etc. This will help your supplier enormously in coming up with a unique and complementary design.

    Off the shelf

    Many wedding stationery designers provide ‘off the shelf’ template designs. These are fantastic for a quick turn around, slightly cheaper than bespoke and many offer custom colour. The work you did in identifying the style of wedding will make shopping for your wedding stationery easier by seeking designs based on the attributes you defined.



    Keep It Simple...Sweetheart” when it comes to the invitation content.

    The wedding invitation should only contain:

    • Who’s inviting the guests (see etiquette below)
    • Couples names 
    • Date and time
    • Ceremony venue name and suburb/city
    • RSVP date
    • Dress code

    From there, you’ll also need cards to inform guests about:

    • The reception
    • RSVPs
    • Direction information (accommodation and transport)
    • Gift guide
    • Wedding events (pre or post wedding)
    • Wedding website (instead of sending separate cards for each of the above pieces of information, consider a wedding website which can house all of the above information - read more about the benefits)


    A word on wedding invitation etiquette

    The style of wording / language on the wedding invitation will be dictated by the type of wedding you are having. However, regardless of whether you’re having a formal or casual celebration, there are a couple of etiquette rules to follow - which I'll allow The Spruce to explain. They recently posted on this, and I think it's a fabulous, comprehensive breakdown of how to word your invitation appropriately! They've thought of all possible scenario, especially regarding the delicate situation of priority order of hosts (ie. who's paying for the wedding).