Creating your wedding stationery budget

On Monday, we looked at how to create your wedding guest list. Hopefully, you’ve made a start, it’s a big job, but it honestly saves a lot of time in the long run. Read the full article for tips and tricks!

And yesterday, we made decisions on the wedding stationery required for your big day.

Today, and although this might seem backwards, let’s look at your wedding stationery budget.

It’s reported by Bride Magazine’s Cost of Love Survey, that the average wedding costs $90K… Eeek!

I think it is much easier to work out what you should budget for wedding stationery once you know your actual numbers (including a couple extra to buffer for the “Reserve” guests - see Monday's post).

Here’s why...

Most (if not all) stationery supplier price wedding stationery items per unit. And most allow you to order online. So going shopping without knowing the numbers, does not give a true representation of what you should budget.

And let’s be honest, wedding stationery (as seen in yesterday post) is much more than just the wedding invitation.

In our previous posts, we provided a spreadsheet for your Guest List. On tab 3 we have listed all of the stationery items you may require. Now go ahead and place quantities required next to each… now for the fun bit - go shopping and compare providers prices.

Tips and tricks

    • Order extra (non personalised) invitations this will save time and cost you less than having to get extras made later.
    • When factoring in the cost of stationery, don’t forget to include postage costs and stamps for the RSVP card.
      • Note: Last year, Australia Post changed their cost of stamps based on expediency (ie. regular, priority and express). Additionally see their website for letter size classifications which attract different stamp prices based on the envelope size and weight (ie. small, large (125g), large (250g), large letter (500g). Have a play with their postage and delivery form.
    • Opt for a wedding website (wedsite)… all of your additional printed elements that accompany the wedding invitation: RSVP card, accommodation options, transport guide, gift registry etc, are available online at your guests fingertips which saves on printing and posting costs (read more benefits).
    • Email wedding invitations (evites) reduce the cost of stationery significantly. Services such as ours allow you to send email, print or a combination of both...because let’s face it, some guests might need a printed version as opposed to an email.
    • Place your stationery order with one wedding supplier...this will ensure consistency across all of your stationery...and who knows, they might do a deal for you.
    • Proofread your wedding invitation thoroughly! You don’t want to have to pay for re-printing of your wedding stationery.
    • If you need further budget assistance, check out this fabulous online budget tool! Or i-do for tips and budget advice for you wedding day.