What wedding stationery do you need?


Now that we have a better handle on your wedding guest list, we now need to turn our mind to what stationery you actually need… and largely, this will be driven by the style of wedding you are having. I’m sure you’ve got the big day played out in your mind!

Below is a list of stationery items that you could incorporate into your wedding. Additionally, I’ve included when, ideally, you should order the items, when they should be sent, and what method you could use for each item. Please note, I’ve solely focused on the wedding, and therefore haven’t included engagement announcements/invitations, hen’s and buck’s invitations, kitchen tea invitations, etc.

 wedding stationery

It’s a bit of a mind field, we know!

To help, in yesterday’s post, we provided a spreadsheet for your Guest List. On tab 3 we have listed all of the above stationery items. For now, just place a Y or N for each item you require. In tomorrow's post, we go shopping!

Tips and tricks

    • When choosing your wedding stationery, there is a multitude of design, print and distribution options. If you’re wanting a bespoke design, start this process early and provide your supplier with examples of styles, fonts, images, colours that you’d like… this will speed up the process enormously! Alternatively, there are many ‘off the shelf’ designs or the ability to customise colours on ‘off the shelf’ designs.
    • Save the Date card: if you are planning an overseas wedding, try and order these soon after you have the date and venue locked in. This will hopefully help guests organise and get the best travel (flights, accommodation) deals.
    • Wedding website: whilst not strictly a stationery item, we see it as relevant as they can replace a number of printed stationery items. Ideally you will ‘go live’ with your website at the same time you send the wedding invitations (especially email invitations, as with our websites, the invitation integrated with the wedding website, meaning, when guests receive the email invitations they will click RSVP and be taken directly to your website (where they’ll need to log in with a password).
    • Decide on what information you need to share/capture and therefore stationery required:
        • Capture: RSVPs (including the names of ‘plus guests’), dietary and special requirements, following day celebration attendance, quirky facts: favourite song, cocktail.
        • Share: accommodation options, transport details, gift guide, love story, bridal party, following day celebrations.
    • Order of Service, Table Plan, Place Cards, Menus, Bonbonniere Cards, should all arrive to you no later than 1 week prior to the wedding. You will want to be able to provide these to the venue no less than 3 days prior.
    • Consider email wedding invitations (evites), they reduce the cost of stationery significantly and increase the speed in which your guests receive and reply to the wedding invitation. Services such as ours allow you to send email, print or a combination of both… because let’s face it, some guests might need a printed version as opposed to an email.
    • Place your stationery order with one wedding supplier. This will ensure consistency across all of your stationery… and who knows, they might do a deal for you. If they don’t list an item on their site, always ask!
    • Proofread your wedding invitation thoroughly! And then give it to someone else to proofread! You don’t want to have to pay for re-printing of your wedding stationery.