About MWG

MY{WEDDING}GUESTS’ mission is to:
“Provide a touch of elegance to everyone’s special day. ‘Touch’ through embracing tradition and utilising and the latest technology to deliver beautifully themed wedding stationery and wedding websites. ‘Elegance’ is the soul of our business; in our designs, approach and interaction with our clients.”

The world of wedding invitations, and indeed the advent of wedding websites, is an exciting transformational time for the wedding industry; one which MY{WEDDING}GUESTS is at the forefront of. Advancements in technology and the speed of change in this digital age, is facilitating innovation and a hyper connectedness previously unseen for couples, who are now communicating and engaging with family and friends instantaneously through evites (email invitations), wedding websites and social media.

MY{WEDDING}GUESTS is a mover and shaker in the wedding industry and is embracing this change. We’re here to inspire, innovate and disrupt to simplify the guest planning process and create an individualised and engaging guest experience through beautifully designed wedding stationery and wedding websites.

Imagine a world where you, the future newlyweds, can…

And for your guests to…

All of this, and so much more, is what makes MY{WEDDING}GUESTS so unique.

I'm so proud of MY{WEDDING}GUESTS and love what we do. We look forward to being part of your special day!

My heart and passion lies in this business. I can’t wait to share with you my many visions for
MY{WEDDING}GUESTS and I'm excited by the other services that will come…all in good in time!