Wedding stationery: process, designs, guest lists and distribution

Q: What happens after I place my order?

A: You will receive an instant reply stating your order has been received. From there, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will review your order and send you a personalised email requesting specific details about your wedding. The information required by MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will be in an online template form. Once completed and you've clicked ‘all done’, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will start working on proofs for your wedding stationery.

Q: Can I see an electronic proof of my wedding stationery?

A: Yes, within 5 business days of your receiving your wedding details (as per above), MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will email you an electronic version (PDF and/or evite) of your stationery. Once the stationery has been confirmed by you, we will organise and send evites (more details below). Printed stationery will be delivered to your door within 2 business weeks from your final sign off.

Q: If I choose evites (email wedding invitations), do I send these or does MY{WEDDING}GUESTS?

A: MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will send your wedding evites, but don’t fear, it will look as though it has come from you. The ‘From’ field and 'Subject' line are editable and will be chosen by you, eg. From: Ben & Laura, and the Subject: You’re invited to Ben & Laura's wedding. MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will send you a proof of the evite for confirmation of all details and look/feel of the invitation before we hit send! Evites will be sent on the day/date as specified by you. We will monitor and report on any bounced or undelivered emails and seek further clarification from you.

Q: Can I personalise my evite and print invitations?

A: Yes, all invitations can be personalised with your guests names and/or content (including personalised thank you messages). When purchasing your stationery, select 'personalisation' from the drop down options. We will contact you as to the wording you'd like to include.

Q: Can those who receive hardcopy invitations still access our wedding website?

A: Yes. Should you wish to send printed or a combination of print and email invitations, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will provide you with a RSVP/website information card to include in your guests  envelopes. The slip will contain a unique login number for your guests to use. This will allow guests to access your wedding website, register their attendance and view all of your wedding details. Only you, future newlyweds, can view/export the guest list.

Q: What about envelopes and labels?

A: All printed stationery includes envelopes. Additionally, if you select 'personalisation' for your wedding stationery, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will provide mailing labels.

Q: How do I format my guest list?

A: MY{WEDDING}GUESTS has taken the hassle out of creating a guest list. When MY{WEDDING}GUESTS contacts you for your wedding information, we will also provide you with a 'guest list template' to use. By entering data in this format, it will ensure a more speedier turnaround of MY{WEDDING}GUESTS creating and sending you proofs, final copies of your wedding stationery and mailing labels. We ask clients to save the document as a .xls or .csv file.

Q: Will MY{WEDDING}GUESTS have more designs/themes?

A: Yes, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will launch a new design range each year (if not sooner)…so keep an eye out on our social media pages or join our mailing list! However, on all designs, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS offers the choice using the existing designs or the existing design with a custom colour. We're also happy to discuss a bespoke design.


Wedding website: setup, managing and tracking RSVP’s, sharing and uploading content, pics and videos

Q: Who can view our wedding website?

A: Only you and your guests can view your wedding website. Once your website has been created, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will provide you with a unique login number for you and your guests. The unique login number will be included in the email wedding invitation and on the printed wedding website information card (that accompanies all printed invitations).

Q: How secure is MY{WEDDING}GUESTS wedding website?

A: All wedding websites are password protected. MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will set the password however newlyweds can select their own password if preferred. For the techies, all wedding websites are SSL enabled. To verify that SSL is protecting your wedding website, the URL will begin with https://, instead of http://, and a green closed padlock icon.

Q: How will my MY{WEDDING}GUESTS wedding website be set up?

A: Don’t worry, you don’t need an IT degree or need to know coding; we’ll set it all up for you and the site won't go live until you give us your blessing!

Once your order is placed, we will contact you requesting all of your wedding information for your stationery and wedding website. This will be an online form that you will need to complete and provide us with any additional material (pics, guest list etc). With this information, we will create your wedding stationery and wedding website in your chosen theme.

Once the website is set up, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will provide you with the unique login number and wedding website URL.

So really, all you need to do is sit back and watch, in real time, the RSVP’s roll in!

And we're here, every step of the way should you have any questions.

Q: Can I download a copy of our guests RSVPs?

A: Yes, only you (the future newlyweds) can access/download the spreadsheet containing your guests responses (acceptance and declines), contact information and private messages. This is a powerful, time saving process that will assist in, for example, organising table and seating plans, final confirmation of numbers for reception venues, thank you notes and so much more!

Q: Who can view our guest list and RSVP’s?

A: Only you, the future newlyweds, have access to the guest list - to view responses, export and register any verbal RSVPs.

Q: Can a RSVP reminder be sent?

A: Yes, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS can send a reminder to only those guests who have not replied to your email invitation. You will need to follow up with guests who received a printed invitation.

Q: How long is my site available for (ie. how long can I access it after my wedding)?

A: You and your guests will be able to access your wedding website for up to 2 months after the wedding date. MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will notify the newlywed before the site is closed.

Q: Can I add or link my bridal registry or wishing well details to the wedding website?

A: Yes. When completing the wedding details form (upon purchasing your wedding stationery), you can provide details and a link to your bridal registry, charity or nominated wishing well account. Guests will be able to click through and purchase direct from your bridal registry, donate to your chosen charity, or deposit money directly into your nominated wishing well bank account or third party money collection site.

Q: How will my wedding information be displayed on my wedding website?

A: MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will work with you, future newlyweds, to create a beautiful, personalised wedding website.

The four main pages we like to work with are: Our Story, When & Where, Registry and RSVP.

However these pages (and headings) are all editable. Our aim is to build a site that tells your story and informs and excites your guests!

Q: Can I add photos and videos to my wedding website?

A: Yes - and we encourage you to!

For photos, please supply in .jpg, .gif, or .png format only and less than 20MB each, around 500KB is ideal. File names should only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and/or hyphens.

For videos, we can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, and Wistia. These services are highly respected for their streaming quality, upload ease, and video playback control and helps your wedding website load faster.


Pricing and timeframes

Q: From checkout to sign off, what timeframe can I expect?

A: MY{WEDDING}GUESTS will strive to provide you with:

Set up and proofs

Final stationery

Q: What are the payment arrangements?

A: Please see each product for pricing.

As each job is designed, produced and/or printed to order, MY{WEDDING}GUESTS requires full payment at the time of ordering through our secure shopping cart/checkout system.

Q: Hey, what about us overseas folk. What are the pricing and postage arrangements?

A: In the top left corner of our website, you will see a currency drop down tab. Select your currency. All unit prices will convert based on xe.com’s current trading rate.

The ordering process will be as outlines as above.

Printing will occur in Australia so as to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Postage will be AUD$25.